Advantages Of Meeting Room Booking Software

Chambers of commerce meetings are vibrant, dynamic, and modern champions of the business communities all across the United Kingdom. Together they represent the voice of the civic business of Britain, assisting people, places, and companies to achieve their full potential. Founded in 1860, the BCC (British Chamber of Commerce) is the only business group that has members of every sector, of every size in both every nation and region of the UK plus 70 global markets.

Arranging meetings

Arranging such a meeting is a nightmare for the person involved in making preparations for the same. He has to book a hall large enough to accommodate all the members. Additionally, he has to ensure that all the members attending the meeting receive prior information of the venue, as well as that the venue has enough space to host the guests. A slight mistake can lead to chaos. This task is so complicated that errors are bound to surface if the job is carried out manually. Thanks to the internet and the availability of meeting room booking software, it is possible to evade such errors.

Extra information about meeting room booking software

Dedicated booking software

The hosts can now use a dedicated software to book rooms for the duration of the meeting. Once the details of the members of the chamber of commerce is fed into the software, it calculates the volume of space required for a meeting. One also needs to input the details of the different meeting venues in the city in which the meeting is held. This allows the software to calculate the perfect venue, taking into account the number of attendees taking part in the meeting.

Old system versus the new

When meeting room booking software were not available, the host had to manually send invitations to the participants. They also had to scour different halls to find one having enough space to accommodate all the guests. The host had to further check if the venue of the meeting offered food and drinks as a part of the package. Things have changed drastically after the arrival of the dedicated meeting room booking software. The host only has to input the number of guests, the number of days the meeting will go on, and the budget for the hall. The software automatically calculates these figures and provides the host with a number of halls suitable for the event along with their location and the price charged for booking those halls. The host also has to enter the date of the meeting and the program will automatically check the halls that are vacant on those dates. Simply clicking on a vacant hall allows the host to make advance payment and book the hall from the comfort of their home or office.

Why use a hall for a chamber of commerce meeting?

The greatest advantage is that one does not have to set up audio visual systems as well as make arrangements for refreshments. If necessary, the host can also book a number of rooms in which guests coming from different parts of the country can relax after a long and tiring trip. The next time you plan to hold a BCC meeting, make sure that you depend on a meeting room booking software.